We may define therapy as a search for value.


We may define therapy as a search for value.

Our therapy sessions

As a holistic center, you can barely find what we offer in our one-on-one therapy sessions anywhere else. There are many areas and themes with which we can help you.
One of our rare specialities is that we can help you even when you have no idea what kind of help do you need!

We help you to discover

“What’s the problem”

when you know something is not working in the way you like but you have no idea what it is, what is the barrier, what is the blockage!

Topics and Themes

Our therapy session topics and themes are but not limited to:

  • To overcome your stress, your fear(s) of any kind, laziness, lack of concentration, insomnia, fatigue, uncertainty and depression.
  • Get emotional stability and peace in mind
  • To discover and get rid of any mind/emotional barriers in your life (even when you don’t know there is any)
  • To think/feel/act effectively, clearly and consciously in your life
  • Relationship issues and conflicts
  • Money, marketing and starting a business
  • Live a beautiful, joyous and conscious life
  • Finding your true-self… finding and achieving your dreams and goals called Life Purpose

Tools & Techniques

There are several powerful tools and techniques which we use in our sessions such as EFT, TFT, GTT, SK, R&A as well as variety of guided meditations, sound healing, herbal remedies, self-acupressure, cleansing solutions and so on. We choose and use few of them for each guest in each session based on their story!


Each session has two parts. One with you and one for you but without you.

With You: The duration of this session is varied between 60-90 minutes and it depends on the topic we’re working on, situation of the client and the progress of the session.

For You: This session takes place after our With You session and it takes 1-3 hours of our time. We carefully prepare all the necessary tools, charts, diagrams, action plans, etc. for you based on what we got in our consultation meeting. We deliver a PDF file to your email address or a printed version if you prefer to have in on paper.

We don’t offer any predetermined or pre-ready one-fits-all prescription just from our magic box as each and every session will be designed and practiced for and with guest — according to him/her needs.
Also, we practically evaluate our progress from the beginning, so there will be hard evidences of improvement for each session.

Your investment for a better life

First session: €30 (introductory, 30 min)
Subsequent single sessions: €63 per session
4 sessions package: €228 (all included)

Our time: 6:33pm UTC