Materialize your wishes!

Manifest what you wish into the physical world!

Materialize your wishes!

Manifest what you wish into the physical world!

Please note that this practice is completely supported by scientific researches and is based on universal physics rules and it’s completely safe!

3 hours

Sigil Crafting

Practical Workshop

Now.. Let’s talk a bit about Sigils.. the most powerful tool of Ancient Magick!

Sigil with the Latin root of sigillum, meaning “seal” and its written history goes back to medieval era.

What a sigil is?
In definition, a sigil is a symbolic representation of the one’s desired outcome which is unique, personal and has been created based on a phrase or a sentence.

But what a sigil really is?!

Sigil is…

  • …a genuine alchemy.
  • …the transfiguration of the thought forms into a physical symbol.
  • …the transmutation of sound energy to something more concrete, more visible, more tangible and more practical!
  • …the hidden silent gentle beautiful trigger of the unconsciousness to navigate it toward our desires.
  • …the pure concentration and condensation of emotional and mental energy to a piece of art in physical world.
  • …a shortcut to manifest our wishes and wills into the matter.
  • …a condensed mutated vibrational frequency of sounds and thoughts.

Like what? here is an example…

 After this workshop, you’ll be able to create your own sigil for any positive thought, feeling and emotions you have. This statements can be about anything at all such as wealth, health, relationships, etc.

Here is an example:

Statement: Fear not! Judge not! Resist not!

This statement has been transfigured to this powerful sigil and has been beautifully painted on a small canvas (10x10cm). 

Tell me how!

There are different methods to create, design and activate a sigil and now, after years of study and experiment, I feel the feeling of sharing the ancient wisdom of this unique, wonderful and powerful magical tool with you to change your life forever! 

If you want a powerful yet fun way of manifesting your dreams into this reality, this is what you need!

Do you want to be the magician of your life?

Create and manifest whatever you like to change your life in a positive way forever!

In this workshop, we go through all steps of creating a sigil from A to Z!

What we cover in the workshop:

  • Energy & Material in simple words
  • Words, Emotions & Thoughts
  • Brief History of Sigils
  • Goal-setting and Positive Thinking
  • Introduction to Chaos Magic
  • Crafting Sigil with Letters
  • Crafting Sigil with Numbers
  • Crafting Angelic Sigils
  • Craft Your Own Sigil and Take It Home! (Supervised Practical Workshop)

What is your biggest dream?

Be the one who can transform the energy to matter!

What is your biggest dream?

Be the one who can transform the energy to matter!


Manifest Your Wishes!

Your investment: €40 inc. materials (€65 for single workshop) 

Date: 10 August 2019
Time: 9:30am-12:30pm
Location: Feminity Rotterdam

Delftweg 127
3043 NH Rotterdam (Overschie)

All 3 workshops deal: €100

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