Becoming Your Ideal-Self!

Self-Empowerment by Creating and connecting to your Ideal-self

Becoming Your Ideal-Self!

Self-Empowerment by Creating and connecting to your Ideal-self

Please note that this practice is completely supported by scientific researches and is based on universal physics rules and it’s completely safe!

2 Hours Life-Changing

Becoming Your Ideal-Self!

Practical Workshop

Sometimes it takes a lifetime to realize who we are and what we want to be!

In this short yet advantageous workshop we help you to create your ideal-self image and connect to the created image with a unique technique. This connection will help you to have a clear direction and a powerful guide through your journey. 

What is your biggest dream?

Be the one who can transform the energy to matter!

What is your biggest dream?

Be the one who can transform the energy to matter!

by becoming your Ideal-self

You will create a vivid image of who you really wish to be in any aspects of life including wealth, health, social characteristics, ideal partner, wonderful kids, spiritual growth and even your physical look. This picture will take place in your unconsciousness while you are creating it.

Then with a very unique technique, we will connect your “current version of you” to your “ideal-self”. This powerful and indestructible connection helps you to bring that reality closer and closer to what you are now and makes this transformation much faster to a precise target.

It’s not finished yet… 

In this session we will teach you how to DOWNLOAD any necessary information from your “Ideal-self” to make important decisions in order to help you to become that version of you, easier with less obstacles!

Who is your Ideal-self?

Create and manifest whatever you like to change your life in a positive way forever!

In this 2 hours workshop

First part is “Introduction & Meditation”. In this part, after a brief yet important explanation of holistic approach, energy bodies and some other related information, we do a special meditation to cleanse our bodies and align all energy points and veins (Chakras, Meridians, etc.) called “Refinement Rainbow Meditation”.

After a short break, we start first with creating the “Ideal-self” image. There will be some sort of intuitive guidance to help you to get what you really want. This image meets all aspects of you as we look at each individual holistically. This means you are not only the body but emotions, thoughts and soul!

After finishing this step, it’s time to make a strong connection with the created image. For about 15-20 min, we will guide you to make this connection and to make this connection even more stronger, we use sound healing tools with specific frequencies!

The last step is to share with you how to Download any necessary information from your “Ideal-self” to the current reality and make use of it to reach your goals. It means, after this session, you have a very powerful tool in your daily life, that you can use anywhere anytime to get guidance and information from your Ideal-self to ease your life.


Becoming Your Ideal-Self!

Your investment: €25 (€40 for single workshop) 
Date: 3 August 2019
Time: 9:30am-11:30am
Location: Feminity Rotterdam

Delftweg 127
3043 NH Rotterdam (Overschie)

All 3 workshops deal: €100

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