“The best way to capture moments is to pay attention. ”

What is mindfulness?

In a simple way, “Mindfulness” is the opposite of “mindlessness”.
Now it’s much easier to understand the meaning of mindfulness by defining its opposite.
Mindlessness means living on an autopilot mode without feeling or thinking about most of our actions. Thus, mindfulness is a practice by maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings and emotions, bodily sensations and the surrounding environment.
Mindfulness also involves with non-judgmental observation, meaning; that we pay attention to our thoughts and feelings in different levels as an observer with no judgement — without denying them, believing them or taking them personally.

Jon Kabat Zinn – renowned american professor – defines mindfulness as:

“Paying attention;
On purpose,
in the present moment, and

This short yet precise definition of mindfulness allows us to see and experience this process step by step much deeper and more pleasant.
This is what we offer to you as a valued guest in Spiritual Hotel services such as: group meditations, seminars, workshops, and especially in our wonderful unique therapy sessions.

Get the most out of it!

What mindfulness can do for you?

Today, we are witnessing a massive amount of scientific research around and over this topic as it’s no longer a hidden or secret concept in spiritual manuscripts or off-grid ashrams.

Mindfulness is a daily practice of millions of people all around the world despite of their professions, religious beliefs, age, gender, etc.

It’s a process for everyone… literally!

It’s easy to be awake!

Benefits of Mindfulness

  • Mindfulness reduces stress, anxiety and other destructive emotions by condensing and contracting “amygdala”. This is the part of the brain responsible for so many destructive emotions like fear, unhappiness and anger. [2][3]
  • Mindfulness reduces depression. Clinical trials are showing that mindfulness is as effective as medication with no side effects!. [4]
  • Mindfulness reduces insomnia, increases your sense of well being, reduces lethargy (lack of energy and enthusiasm) and increases energy both mentally and physically. [4][1]
  • Mindfulness is quite helpful for pain management. [5]
  • Mindfulness sharpens your memory and increases your focus and attention. [6][7]
  • Mindfulness improves your emotional and social intelligence and develops your empathy and compassion. It is also shown to improve relationships. [8][9]
  • Mindfulness improves health and boosts immune system. In fact, mindfulness is shown to have beneficial effects on many serious illnesses such as cancer and heart disease [10][11].
  • Mindfulness creates clearer, more focused thinking and improves efficiency at work and at home [6].
  • Mindfulness improves confidence and emotional resilience [12].
  • Mindfulness reduces compulsive and addictive tendencies and has also been shown to work better than any diet for effective long-term weight loss [13][14].
  • Mindfulness turns out to also be the single most important determining factor in whether or not you will be happy in your life (once your survival needs are met).

In summary, the more mindful you are the happier you are [1].

Mindfulness literally transforms your entire world from the inside out for your “Summum Bonum” — your highest good. This is what’s happening for the millions of mindfulness practitioners all around the world!


We are having variety of group and individual meditations across Netherlands. Some of our guided meditations have an utterly unique techniques and we instruct them step by step during the process.

Our meditation techniques are multiple levels and suit everyone from beginners who has no or little involvement with meditation and mindfulness to advanced practitioners with years of experience.

We use variety of enhancers and spiritual catalysts to create deeper experience and amplify the effect of received energy on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Some of our favorite meditations are:

  • Refinement Rainbow Balancing
  • 12 Statements of Power
  • Couple meditation & cleansing
  • Crystal Palace (advanced)
  • Heart Focus (private inc. therapy)
  • Merkaba Activation (advanced)
  • Co-creation (advanced, private)

Be Mindful!

Change your life literally with 30 min practice per day! It’s a wonderful start to your awakening process.

Our time: 6:11pm UTC