For companies

A healthier staff will bring more benefits in every aspects!

For companies

A healthier staff will bring more benefits in every aspects.

We perfectly know how a business works. The best practice of a company is when colleagues and staffs are creating synergy in the working place and this cannot be achieved without emotional and mental health for each and every member of a team.

We have a special plan for companies who care about their staff health and happiness. In this plan, we create a tailor-made workshop together based on the company’s goal. Workshops are varied in topics and normally takes 2 to 3 hours each.

In our workshops we offer different techniques and tools for overcoming daily stress and anxiety, focusing and concentration problems, positive thinking, self-acceptance, living a healthier life and how to change bad habits.

We strongly believe that your staffs beliefs directly has a huge impact on their performance and finally on your company outcome.

So, training them in the way that benefit both sides, you and them.

If you care about your staff emotional & mental health,

Give them a special gift in a wonderful evening and lift up the spirit of your company.

Our time: 8:20pm UTC

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